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Hmmm, this may appear as though I’m suggesting a little trickery. Or, that there may be some dishonesty, but allow me to explain. The majority of us desire a partner who is excited about the idea of us; one who can’t wait to be intimate with us. Intimacy and lovemaking should never feel like a chore, but should be a moment that happens naturally and frequently in our marriage.
We’ve all shared, discussed and agreed how important intimacy is to a marriage, right? We know that lack of it can cause all kinds of challenges that are usually unnecessary. Like infidelity, emotional check out and yes, divorce. We’re all clear of the health benefits and that we need to be having more of it. Some are just wondering how to make it happen regularly in their own relationships.
Some couples send signals and some can never seem to be in the mood at the same time. There are quite a few difficulties that happen when it’s time to become intimate. In order for us to get on the same page, increase the frequency of our lovemaking and just remain physically connected, there are a few behaviors we can incorporate into our daily loving and living.
1. Be in Tune
In order to draw your boo closer to you, you must first be aware of the turn offs. We might not even realize that certain actions are sending our partners running in the opposite direction. We don’t even know they are as big of a deal as they actually are. So being aware and in tune with our love is the first step. Our focus, most frequently, should be on how we turn our spouse on. Whenever we are unsure what they are, all we have to do is ask.
2. Be a Giver
Another of our goals should be to make our mate feel good about us. It’s more likely to happen when honesty, patience and thoughtfulness are displayed. Relationships just feel better when both partners are able to trust one another. We should also be more giving and take the time to love and understand our spouse.
3. Be a Stress Reliever
Lastly, is finding ways to be the stress reliever and not the stress contributor. When an individual feels beat up, stressed and overwhelmed, they aren’t desiring much of anything else. Especially not intimacy. For some reason, many individuals struggle with connecting how lovemaking can positively contribute to the other areas of our lives. It definitely can relieve stress. However, spouses also have to do a better job of knowing how we can help relieve some of the pressures our partner is experiencing. Doing the little things matter. For example, helping out with certain chores or planning a relaxing getaway, or even a moment, is beneficial.
4. Totally Let go of Pride
The end of a relationship is near when partners tend to build up pride whenever it comes to settling issues during quarrels. Question is, Do you Love him or her? If yes then why allow issues stay for long?
Issues becomes complicated as time passes by. Learn to put an end to issues and little quarrels as soon as it happens cos' the longer they stay, the tougher they become and the less happy you feel.
Relationship dies when one person waits for the other to make the first move in apologizing and making amends. The dude goes in his mind,"I'm not talking to her first", the lady goes , "I'm not talking to him first" but at the end, they both are killing themselves from within.
LET GO OF PRIDE,dust yourself up, charm your partner and get your joy back.
Our marriage and relationship should arrive at a place where who we are and how we make our partner’s feel are the turn-ons needed to get it on make frequently.
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  1. Tnk u sir, I owe my relationshp sucex to u +++patricia from kenya+++

  2. I have been using these four tips in the last six hours and the love in my marriage has rekindled.
    My husband now smiles every second. Thank you for this article sir

  3. I have been using these for the last six hours and now my husband has been smiling. Thanks for re kindling the love in my marriage. God bless your handwork.


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