Sunday, 29 December 2013


For having carnal knowledge of his 17 year old daughter simply identified as Favour and impregnating her thrice, 37-year old Augustine Obodeke has been arrested by the Edo State Police Command.
The final straw that broke the proverbial Camel’s back came for Obodeke when his daughter became pregnant the third time and was unwilling to go for abortion; a development which reportedly led the girl to cry out to neighbours, who then reported the matter to the Ugbowo Police Station in Benin City.
Following the report, the police promptly arrested Obodeke and he is currently cooling his heels in detention. Recounting her ordeal, Favour said her father started having carnal knowledge of her shortly after the death of her mother.
“He first impregnated me and we went for abortion. My father impregnated me the second time and I went for another abortion. He had arranged a doctor at Uselu who has been doing the abortion. “My father impregnated me the third time and told me that we should go for another abortion but I ran out of the house. He then threatened to deal with me if I told anybody what has been happening between us.
“I have to cry out early in the morning which prompted our neighbours to intervene. Since my mother was late, anytime my father requested for s*x, I felt I had no choice than to allow him have s*x with me”, Favour explained. In his own account, Obodeke affirmed that he had been sleeping with his teenage daughter and had impregnated her three times but lamented nobody ever told him it was an abominable act.
He also attributed his action to the death of his wife and his inability to remarry. “It is true that I have been having s*x with my own daughter. When she became pregnant the first time, I took her to one of my doctors at Uselu Quarters who terminated the pregnancy. I impregnated her the second time and I took her to the same doctor who terminated the pregnancy again. It was when I impregnated her the third time that she refused to follow me to the doctor for the abortion.
“I decided to be having s*x with my daughter because my wife is late and I have not remarried. I decided to enjoy my own daughter by having s*x with her. I want my daughter to forgive me because I have sinned against her.
Nobody told me that what I was doing to my daughter was an abomination. I thought I was enjoying the s*x with my daughter”, he said
The Edo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Foluso Adebanjo, who confirmed the incident, said that Obodeke was arrested on November 22, 2013. He also noted that the doctor who performed the abortions on Favour was still at large but expressed optimism that he would be arrested soon.
He, however, assured that the suspect [Obodeke] would soon be charged to court to face the consequence of his action


  1. Am 24 a student in my final year! My father has been having sex with me over 13 years since I was 11. My mum is unaware and I don't know how to tell her cos ma dad earlier threatened me when I was 11 the day I lost ma virginity to him not to tell anyone. Since then we have sex everytime and as a child I grew up with it and became addicted to it and he come to my hostel at school to bang me.I don't know how to tell my mum cos I feel it is too late. Now am 24 and i have a fiance who is ready to marry me. Despite he is there for me, I still go to my dad to have sex. And I have aborted once for my dad..Now am finding it had to stop! #Please I need your advice whoever that is reading this.

    1. Anonymous, first you have to understand that aside the negative way the world sees it, its also a sin b4 God. Imagine this, hw wuld your bf feel if he finds out about this? You'r no longer that kid, no u can make choices you want. First you gotta make up your mind to stop it, wen u're certained,den tell ur father that you both have to stop this, if he doesn't, threaten him that you'r gona tell ur mum(just a threat pls don't try telling her bout it pls to avoid complication ) try this out and let's see how it goes. (One thing you shouldn't forget, pray and talk to God about it, ask him to forgive you and he'l give you the wisdom to tackle this)
      keep us updated about the progress of this issue, we'l like to hear more from you.
      If you'l like to get a public solution to this we could help you post this up on our blog so you can hear specific solutions from our readers world wide which include pastors, doctors and counselors and we'l sure keep your identity anonymous.
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  2. Just pray to God for guidance

  3. How would your dad do such a thing? Report him to the police

  4. What is this world turning into

  5. @anynomous are you really serious about this or you are just kidding?

  6. What kind of a father is he?

  7. I had this same issue with my father and I told my pastor about it.u should do same

  8. Pastor successDecember 30, 2013

    You need deliverance. Its demonic

  9. Hell no!!! How could he huh? Ur dad took advantage of u to the highest order. Now that u are grown u finding it hard to depart from it. Ur dad turned proverb 22:6 the other way round! God is watching! @Debby thanks for ur courage. Is there anyway u can help this sister? She need help. Please! #Osborne

  10. Hmmm,is God dt will punish ur dad he is ntn bt a to ur pastor abt it I tink he will tell u wat to do.stopin sayin it is hard for u to stop just hate ur dad nd u will see hw easy it wil be for u to stop cus I dnt tink u will lyk to ve sex wiv sumone u hate or beta still arrange pipo to kill him.seriously u dad is d biggest fool on earth if I see am sef I go help u kill am.


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