Saturday, 28 December 2013


Tis the season of forgiveness, but cops weren’t too forgiving of an alleged robber in Navarre, Fla., who told a store clerk, “I’m sorry, Merry Christmas” as she held up the store. Police say the apologetic incident occurred at a Tom Thumb store at about 6:30 p.m. Monday, according to the Northwest Florida Daily News. A woman armed with a handgun walked into the business wearing sunglasses and a black hat, then demanded cash from the clerk, according to cops, and made her holiday-themed apology when the clerk complied.
If the culprit was truly sorry, then she should have acted like it, locals said. “That’s a cheesy way out of it,” Mandy Espy, manager of the nearby bar ’Cricket’s Hideout, told WEAR-TV. “She went in with a plan and left in a guilty conscience.”
The Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office is still looking for the suspect, and asks anyone with information to please call (850) 437-STOP.
This wasn’t the only robber spreading holiday cheer this week, according to KRTV. A man attempted to rob the Montana Rescue Mission’s Bargain Center West in Billings, Mont., on Christmas Eve, but when the cashier told him she couldn’t open the cash drawer without a supervisor, he told her, “You look like a nice lady” and wished her Merry Christmas before leaving.

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