Monday, 14 April 2014


Former popular gay Nigerian man Okwudili is now living in Canada as a woman. Okwudili left Nigeria many years back for Canadawhere he had a transgender surgery to become a woman. She’s now known as Lady Candy in Toronto, Canada where she currently resides and is a registered nurse at Sick Kids Hospital. Continue to see more photos of fierce Ms Candy…


  1. RCTOF Criminal Lawyers
    This is a non official mail letter.
    My name is Miss Tonique Holly (MSL, LD), I am a sitting attorney for Miss Mandy LaCandy, who is a Canadian and an American resident living in Canada. A report has been posted on your blog, with private pictures that you have also posted without permission on your website. And to make matters worse, other websites have followed. Come this spring in Canada and in the state of North Carolina in the United States of America (where she is a resident), you have committed the cyber bullying crime against a very vulnerable citizen and with that said, this individual in subceptible to self inflicted injuries or even suicide for what you have done. Secondly, the information you have was not correct and a motion will be moved to make sure you provide your source, or legal action would be proceeded against you. And to make sure of my position on this case, I have informed the Federal Bureau of Investigation with the consent of my client on this case. And if you think thats all I'm pursuing for my client, you will be shocked. Thirdly, Miss Mandy has also requested that you be blacklisted in Canada and the US, in which on behalf of my client, my office will be looking into that request. What I want from you, is your source for the pictures and the story you have and I will see if further actions will have to be taken on this matter. Should you fail to adhere and provide the information requested, you will be subpoenaed and summoned for a hearing in court no matter your jurisdiction. Miss Mandy has just been pronounced dead this evening, of apparent suicide and her body is in the Ontario coroner's building. Why did you do what you did? This is a question that you must answer in the court of law. Her family and the government of Canada will pursue this matter with you and we will make sure, you do not make such nefarious and wicked exposures again in your career. My office will contact the Nigerian embassy to see our options in bringing justice to this very private individual, who never asked or deserve this act of wickedness. Linda ikeji and other bloggers have taken down the news in respect to her death, so I believe you would.
    Tonique Holly,
    RCTOF Criminal Lawyers

    1. You papa oh. oloshi. Abi make she die ten times. Rubish threat. You ugly bastards of the 21st century. Go and die with her. liars of the century. Your police, nation will soon hell loose with america supporting terrorist all over the world. Just one person die this bastard is making mouth. Carry america to your bastard court.

      Oloshi weere.

  2. Hmmmm....this is really interesting and looks real.
    With all respect, I Don't know what operates in your country's constitution but over here in nigeria, we have Freedom of Press and Cyber use as long as it doesn't contribute to Terrorism.
    I'll get my Lawyers Ready and you would hear from them soon.
    thanks for the Prompt Notice.


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