Sunday, 11 May 2014


A 13-year-old girl, Aditi Gupta was so upset that she reportedly committed suicide by hanging after her 36-year-old mother, Mrs Gupta demanded that she remove herself from Facebook, berating her for spending too much time chatting with her friends.
 Mrs Gupta told her daughter before leaving for work: ‘I want that Facebook account closed by the time I come home.’ She returned for lunch four hours later to find her dead.
 She told police she couldn’t believe her daughter would end her life over ‘something so trivial’. She said: I generally leave for work around 9.30am. But my husband left early and my older son was at his grandmother’s house for the holidays. ‘When I was about to leave, my daughter was sitting in front of the computer. I was angry because she was spending a lot of time on social networking. ‘I told her she was too young to be on Facebook and was wasting her time’.
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