Thursday, 8 May 2014


A 17-year-old Indian teenager, Lalmohan Soren, sliced off his tongue with a blunt blade in an extreme act of devotion to his Hindu God.
He was sitting at Mahedevgarha Temple, in Dugda, Jharkhand, when worshipers spotted blood splattered across the floor as they filled the temple for their morning prayers.

Lalmohan’s tongue was inside a bowl next to his feet with a note saying: “I have cut off my tongue and offered it to Lord Shiva. Please do not throw me out of the temple, I just want to sit here at the feet of the Lord.”
The temple leader was informed and eventually Lalmohan was persuaded to go to the hospital where doctors tried stitching his tongue back together but failed and eventually he was discharged after a few days.
He is now at home recovering, proud of his actions but unable to talk and only feeding on a liquid diet. His family shocked but accepting of his actions.
Locals are surprised at the media attention Lalmohan’s actions have attracted as this kind of ritual is normal in their community, saying ‘there’s nothing new in it’

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