Thursday, 25 September 2014


According to DailyO, these are six hilarious reasons why you should sell a kidney to get a new iphone six. Take them serious at your own risk, lol

- Kidneys are ugly. Believe me if you haven't seen one. They are messy. iPhones, on the other hand
, are sleek and sexy, and nice to hold.

- You don't know who has two kidneys and who has one. You can't notice what's inside the middle of someone. But you notice an iPhone owner immediately. Even if the phone is in the owner's pocket. The confidence, the poise, says it all. If you can't notice that, don't worry, an iPhone owner is likely to show it to you before you blink.

- The kidney purifies your blood. That's the only thing it does. The iPhone plays music, takes pictures, makes you look pretty, and now also makes payments. You can also pay with your kidneys, but most establishments don't accept them yet.

- You have two kidneys. After trading one for an iPhone, you still have a functioning body with a fully-functional kidney. And you have an iPhone to boot.

- Kidneys don't come wrapped in myths. Do you remember who made kidneys? Well, it's an ancient technology, millions of years old, with hardly any advancement made in recent history. While iPhone's technology is just about two years behind that of Nexus. Besides, kidneys were not personally designed by Steve Jobs, the god of technology. iPhones were.

- Did you know that your kidney is as good looking as the pair that Aishwarya Rai has? Will people look at you with the same love and awe they looked at the winner of the Miss World pageant in 1994? No, the world looks at you with the same indifference it now looks at Mrs Abhishek Bachchan with. The iPhone is a great leveller. It gives you an equal calling field with celebs who have iPhones. It is quite likely that your phone may have even better skin or decal than Deepika Padukone's. So you win.

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