Monday, 22 September 2014


Recently, so many scandals about men of God rose up in the media and my blog readers wondered why I never said anything about it.

First it was Pastor Chris Okotie on Divorce scandal, then it was Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on alleged Adultery scandal, Next it was Prophet TB Joshua on his collapsed Church and how so many People including Pastors accused him of using the collapse as a sacrifice.
Just recently it was Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor on his Private Jet getting seized by the South African govt. for alleged
Arms Deal and so many more Scandals on men of God that would come up sooner or later.

Why should i carry such news to defile the body of Christ and to run down the men of God whether they were right or wrong??? Am I the God that Called them? So why should I be the human to Judge them???

See, The devil knows that the only thing that puts a man at liberty and set them free from the calamities he has caused and is still causing is the Word of God and that's why he targets men of God (custodians of the word of God) and bring them "media Challenges" to make people loose faith on them thus talking bad about them and making Christians loose focus on the word of God and then Set them in his bondage.

Isn't it obvious that Satan, who the bible referred to as "the accuser of the brethren" is at it again???

First it was Pastor Chris with Adultery Scandal, just at the same time, TB Joshua. Just a Few days ago, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor with his Private Jet scandal all happening at the same time, Don't you smell something fishy?

All this is targeted at disrupting the faith of the Church thus making Christians have a double mind on Christ and then loosing their stand on God's word.

So what's your duty on this??? Instead of being that blogger, that news reporter, that journalist, that Pastor, that individual carrying rumours and spreading news whether true or not about men of God, spreading controversies; be that christian that has made up his mind not to talk about men of God in anyway whatsoever because in doing so, we are not different from the Devil who the bible referred to as THE ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN.

"What if they are doing wrong" if you may ask. I throw back this question to your conscience, "ARE YOU THE ONE THAT CALLED THEM INTO MINISTRY???" if you weren't the one that Called them, don't be the one to Judge them.

Even God saw this coming and he said in his word, "Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm". He didn't make an exception to them being wrong or right, he categorically stated it clear for them not to be touched in your words(gossips), in writing (media) or in anyway whatsoever.

I admonish you today, don't help the devil by being an agent of scandal spread against men of God in anyway whatsoever whether it looks true or not, instead, PRAY FOR THEM.

If you hear anything about a man of God whether it's true or not, instead of thinking of being the first person to spread the news and sharing with your friends or posting on your blog, Go down on your knees and Pray for them.

It starts now, spread this message of Hope and revival to everyone christian you can reach, now that you have saved yourself, save someone else from being condemned with the Devil. IT STARTS NOW!!!

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God Bless You.


  1. Precious TreasureSeptember 22, 2014

    Tell dem dearie

  2. Are u saying that news about the "men of God" should be treated specially?


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