Saturday, 29 November 2014


Condoms are supposed to offer protection.

True to their purpose, they have prevented the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and saved many couples the burden of unwanted pregnancies.

The truth however is that condom is only as useful as it is properly used, which is why some people use condoms and still get venereal diseases and STDs or pregnancies.

In most cases, they used it wrongly:

1.) POCKET STORAGE: Keeping condoms in the pocket or wallet which eventually goes into the wallet is wrong. Why? Wallet stored
condoms suffer regular friction and warm temperature which damages it and lowers its effectiveness.

2.) TOO TIGHT: Ideally, you ought to leave a small space for ejaculation in the condom. Failing that, you risk a leakage or rupture of the condom when you release. So when you want to use the condom, squeeze the tip as you roll it on the penis. This will keep air out and create a small pocket for ejaculated sperm. 
3.) INSIDE OUT: Wearing a condom inside out is bad too. Make sure you wear the right side in. If you however mistakenly wear the wrong side, remove it and don’t attempt to put it back on because it has been compromised.

4.) WRONG SIZE: A condom too small or too big is not good. If it is too tight, it may tear and if too loose it may fall inside the vagina during sex and it may also leak sperm. Not good.

5.) TOO LATE: It is not wise to wait until you have already started having sex before wearing the condom or removing it too early. You might even smear the condom with sperm. Wear it early and keep it on!

6.) EXPIRY DATE: Make sure you check the expiry dates because they expire and become a risk.

So use condoms right and stay safe.

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