Friday, 20 February 2015


Hours after these un-retouched photos of the Queen hit the internet, staunch members of her fanclub – The BeyHive went into full “Nigerian Army vs Boko Haram one month before elections” mode!

The un-photoshopped pictures are from
Beyoncé’s 2013 Feria and Infallible L’Oréal campaign and in them you can see Bey with blemishes and lines on her face.
The Beyhive are so upset that websites are posting these pictures and judging their Queen, they have called the pictures a forgery and are out for the blood of anyone that would tarnish her perfect image with these pictures.

The Beyhive’s influence is nothing to be frowned upon though!
The got to one of the biggest Beyoncé fan sites – Beyoncé World, who were the ones to break the news about the allegedly untouched photos. The site promptly deleted the images after the backlash received from the Hive and instead posted this message:

"Due to the disdain of the BeyHive, we have removed the photos. We don’t want to cause any drama, nor do we wish to start fan wars. Some of the things we have seen posted were just horrible, and we don’t want any parts of it. We were just posting the photos to share the fact that our queen is naturally beautiful, at the same time she is just a regular woman."

One fan even called the FBI to report the pictures claiming they are a forgery!
The influence Beyoncé has on her fans is almost spiritual. I’m a fan but this is beyond madness, what do you think?
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