Monday, 9 March 2015


A 72-year-old retired civil servant, Olayiwola Ajayi, has the Igando Customary Court, Lagos, to thank for saving him from death in the hands of his wife, Isiwa, whom he says has a penchant for beating him over
minor issues.
Ajayi had dragged his wife to the court pleading to be separated from his wife because she always threatened his life through beating, among other things.
Hear his plea:

"My wife is fond of beating me, she beats me on any slight provocation, I am tired of being brutalised.
A day cannot pass without her laying her hands on me. I am afraid she may kill me one day if I still continue in the marriage."

Apart from the constant beating, Ajayi narrates how his wife starves him, does not wash his clothes and allows him to fend for himself despite his blindness.
He also accused the woman of infidelity.
"My wife can leave the house for a week without telling me. When she returns and I query her about her disappearance from home, she always tell me that she went for vigil.
I believe that she is seeing another man, she did not go to any vigil."

But the 44-year-old Isiwa denied all the allegations levelled against her, saying that her husband always denied her sex.
"My husband is starving me of sex, he refused to make love to me, he will be giving me one excuse or the other."

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