Sunday, 15 March 2015


 This Thailand man, a monk, has blown the minds of people by doing what you see above.

He sitting comfortably in a pot of boiling water while he is praying. The video of his act has gone viral on
YouTube leaving many to ponder on how he was able to pull this stunt.

I call it a stunt because I’m one of the few who do not believe that he is doing as he claims and thankfully,, a scientist has given an admirable theory as to why the ‘stunt’ is not real.

According to a Bangkok Post, the monk seems to be at ease as he sits in the pot of boiling oil with a fire underneath. In the video, he is seen sharing his magical powers with his viewers by touching objects that they pass to him making them believe that his touch can make their amulets or pieces of fabric powerful. These objects are then sold to the locals and other places of worship.

As I’ve said earlier, not everyone believes the act was real. A science instructor, Jessada Denduangboripant of Chulalongkorn University, claimed that there is no proof that the oil was really boiling at the time.

“The only way to prove it is to measure the temperature of the oil he’s sitting in,” he wrote. “The oil doesn’t look like its boiling and the pan just looks strange. The pan might have two layers to insulate the heat,” he said.
See another photo below:

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