Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Last week, some people, who felt quite disappointed and angered by the r?pe joke cracked by comedian, Akpororo on the stage of
AY show, poured out their feelings on all his social media timelines.

And after receiving backlash over his choice of words, Akpororo took to Instagram to publicly apologize to all, especially the women who felt hurt by his inability to have learnt from a similar experience of Basketmouth.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my attention has been drawn to one of the jokes I did recently. I want to take this space to formally apologize to all who have been offended by the joke especially the womenfolk. It was never my intent to put something as offensive as r?pe on a pedestal.

“I hold women in the highest esteem and this is drawn from the love and care I have enjoyed from my mum and sisters over the years and will never promote anything that would be detrimental to their wellbeing. I was only trying to crack up my audience. PLEASE FORGIVE that same Akpororo that you have helped to grow in the industry," the remorseful rib-cracker wrote.

These days, Nigerians especially the women no longer entertain any form of words against women, either by joke or otherwise. They are all fighting a good course to protect the women against every form of violence.

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