Wednesday, 22 April 2015


 A popular Nigerian-born Takoradi-based radio presenter has got her knickers in a twist and the
police are in the thick of things trying to disentangle the beautiful celeb after it was discovered that she faked her own rape and uploaded the staged photos on her Facebook page.

Adaeze Onyinyechi Ayoka aka Princess Ada is now facing prosecution after a hotel proprietor testified that on April 13 she and three male companions had booked a room at his establishment under the false pretext that they wanted to shoot scenes for a movie.

That so-called movie turned out to be a photo shoot forming the basis of the fake allegation that she had been kidnapped and gang-raped by three thugs when in fact the group had a nice time and left the room littered with empty beer bottles.

Her undoing in the publicity scam was the fact that the photos of the alleged “gang rape” were uploaded online by the supposed victim herself from a local cyber cafe and first appeared on Ada’s Facebook page.

This singular dumb miscalculation rang alarm bells in the heads of her fans plus the telltale posing in the photos – which yours truly immediately flagged-up the moment I saw the story online and mentioned it to a Ghanaian friend.

Question is – why would a well known and loved on-air personality with a doting boyfriend want to pretend to have been gang-raped? Well, that is a no brainer: beside the all too obvious fact that Ada ridiculed herself just to grab media attention in order to raise her celebrity profile, the exact purpose for the staged rape has yet to be clearly established.

However, Ada’s boyfriend Rahman Nunoo reportedly revealed that she had always fantasized about being raped and based on that intel, some critics have started to question her sanity with reports that she was already receiving treatment at a psychiatric hospital.

But all that can wait, for now though, we gather that she has been transferred from Takoradi police department to Accra where she will face prosecution along with one of her accomplices who has since been arrested and has been assisting the police with their investigation.

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