Monday, 27 April 2015


Couples Who Kiss Regularly Are More Likely To Have A Healthy Relationship

It’s exhilarating to fall in love, but will it last? To help you sustain the
glow of the love you so much cherish, here are some guides given by a sexologist guaranteed to put a bit of sizzle into your love life, all starting with the letter S!

SNUGGLING: There’s plenty of evidence to show that hugs can do great things for our relationships. Tests show that oxytocin the ‘cuddle chemical’ our bodies produce during sex—is also released by non-sexual touching, such as stroking.

Research has found that happy couples are likely to have at least four hugs a day. And in a recent survey, six in ten people said being touched by their partners help them to relax.

SHARING: You may share a bed, but do you and your partner share the housework? If not perhaps it’s time you had a word. A recent report found out that divorce rates are lower in families where the man takes on a fair share of domestic chores.

It avoids resentments building up and helps foster a sense of teamwork and togetherness.

SNOGGING: Adolescents are obsessed with it, but snogging isn’t just for teenagers.

According to reports couples who kiss regularly are more likely to have a happy healthy relationship. Forget the polite pecks. When you both get home after work, give your man a sweet, loving kiss on the lips. Slowly build up the passion. Tease his tongue with yours… you should see an instant spring in his, er, step!

SURPRISE AND SPONTANEITY: A little element of surprise helps to ignite romance.

Yet in a recent study of 3,000 couples, a third of them said their relationships lacked a park of spontaneity. It needn’t mean jetting off to exotic locations. How about an Impromptu candle-lit meal at home, or revisiting the place of your first date?

SENSUALITY AND SEDUCTION: Appeal to all your partner’s senses to set the ultimate mood for romance. Light some scented candles for an exotic aroma. Open a bottle of something sparkling and taste those bubbles. Play some sexy music to enhance the atmosphere. Set the lights low, then use a silky scarf as a blind fold to introduce a thrill of uncertainly and concentrate on sensual touch.

SPENDING TIME TOGETHER: Statistics show that on average, couples without children spend around three hours a day together. And after the patter of little feet fills the air, it’s typically half that.

But the activity that takes up the most of their time together is watching TV—not very intimate! So try turning off the telly and doing something different. Go for a leisurely walk, or make a special dinner together. Even playing cards means you ‘re focusing on each other rather than staring at the box.

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