Friday, 10 April 2015


Popular Yoruba actor, Alhaji Babatunde Omidina better known as Baba Suwe, has disclosed that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) held him for
so long because of the Nigerian media.
According to the actor, who was arrested over drug related offenses some months back, stated that it was reported in the various media that he was caught with drugs which was never true neither has he ever seen how cocaine looks like.

He explained that he was at the office of the drug enforcement agency and was eating well but did not go to toilet the evening he got except the following day and he was to be held for three days which he accepted but was later prolonged because of the media who will have the feelings that the agency has been bribed.

In his words, “Newspapers were carrying the rumour and I didn’t know anything because I was in their office eating and doing other things. It was the first night I got there that I didn’t excrete but the following day I started defecating. The law is that after going to toilet for three times, you should be released but mine wasn’t like that. I defecated for ten days without being released. They thought it was in my system. I don’t believe in charms because if truly they exist, a lot of people will be carrying them as protectors."

"My stomach was flushed at NDLEA hospital and they didn’t detect anything and I was to be released, but their boss made it known to me that if they released me, the media would think they had been bribed. I was surprised when my family provided a lawyer for me because I thought it was a mere case until everything went wrong. I can swear with anything, I don’t know any other business than acting. There’s nothing in the acting industry that I don’t have, and I even rent to others and that is another money-making way for me,” he told Yorubamoviegist.

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