Thursday, 9 April 2015


On Wednesday 8th April, there was the rampant news that a Lagos mother was searching for her missing kids who had been kept in the custody of a newly
employed maid, and only for the maid to have allegedly absconded with the kids. Many celebrities with empathy took to their social media pages to help in the search for the kids.

Rita Dominic joined the search when she wrote on her wall to help spread the news and hopeful about the safe return of the kids. But a certain fan on her page named Nduka, was not pleased with the message posted by the actor. He asked if the people spreading the news had taken time to cross-check the authenticity of the missing kids.

Nduka said, "Has any of you tried to call the numbers on the post? No, I am sure not. None of the 'parents' numbers are connecting. Aren't they (supposed) to be on the look out for useful information concerning their kids? How do you contact them if found? Stop disturbing us with post just because social media is free."

In her reply, the actress did not like the train of thought of Nduka and blasted him for being insensitive to the plight of the distressed mother. She attacked the fan's parentage and demanded that he disappear from her page.

She said, "You are a very sick and stupid individual! Of course, I do not expect you to show some empathy here because you do not look like you were birthed right therefore not a human being! My mouth is not very good hence why I am quiet in nature. Lost someone dear to me this morning and in a terrible mood, so please do not push me."

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