Friday, 5 June 2015


A romantic night in with his girlfriend went badly wrong for one enthusiastic lover - when he 'fractured' his penis while having
sex.Alan Parke who was bed-bound for two months afterwards - admitted.

I've never known pain like it.": "I was jumping around with the pain. "We were just having sex, I was on the bottom and Clarissa was on top.All of a sudden I heard something snap. I've never known pain like this, it was absolutely excruciating.Clarissa was trying to calm me down because I was jumping around. It was the worst pain I've ever experienced."We went to Letterkenny General Hospital and the doctors there said it was the first time they'd ever seen anything like it.

They sent us to Galway where I was told the penis was fractured.There's no bone in there but I was still told it was a fracture. There was blood everywhere, I couldn't control it."
Alan had to have his penis put in a sling after the operation but he said the taunts of fellow patients in the hospital left him riled up.

"One patient kept laughing at the pain I was in.I was off work for eight weeks, in bed the whole time.And the blood just kept on flowing.In the first two weeks I had to call an ambulance seven times because I couldn't control the bleeding. "A public nurse would also call out to change the dressing on the injury. I was in absolute bits."

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