Sunday, 14 June 2015


Ok, seriously, it's really annoying when I see people who call themselves bloggers carry annoying information, Spreading it across the Social media.

My Attention was drawn by my blog readers to a post on Nigerian Blogs stating that
American Actor Jacki Chan was dead wanting to confirm the Authenticity of the News.

It was so funny to see such a rumour on the Internet, it was even more annoying to know that the rumour is even a Stale one.

The news being carried about was originally started Weeks ago by and it's funny that some Nigerian bloggers just found yesterday out for the first time about the "traffic pulling news" and decided to lift the information again.

Ok, Let me give you a break down of how this Rubbish started.

Anti-drug ambassador, Datuk and pizza muse Jackie Chan recently became the victim of yet another internet death hoax after a fake report about him dying of a heart attack circulated online.

First, this news being circulated again by Nigerian Bloggers was published on three Fridays ago and has racked up thousands of "likes" on Facebook.

To pass it off as the real deal, the site posted a photoshopped image of shamed NBC reporter Brian Williams broadcasting Chan's death and included a quote from his wife, Lin Feng-jiao, saying: "I hope you can understand my loss, and I would appreciate if you can give us space for our mourning."

Chan who later took to his Weibo account to confirm that
"I am very much alive and I have been left 'speechless' after reading the report."

This isn't actually the first time news of Jacki Chan's death was rumoured. Just two years ago, Chan was reported dead on the website Global Associated News, that time because he had "[fallen] more than 50 feet to his death in a remote area of Hahnenkamm mountains while on-set during the filming of a movie."
According to other fake news sources, Jay Chou has also died a few times.

So i'll like to Employ our Nigerian Bloggers, PLEASE RECIEVE SENSE!!!

The Integrity of A blogger is based on his Authenticity.
News are everywhere but it's in your position to validate the news before posting. If you don't have proper validation, DONT POST!

That's why I always tell my readers and appreciate them for staying gued to Alex Enoyore's blog as news of such wouldn't come their way.

And I also want to use this medium to thank all my new and Old readers for believing in the Authenticity of Informations from Alex Enoyore's Blog. I sincerely appreciate you all!
If this is your first time of Coming across our blog, I say a big welcome to you.

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So Mr Blogger, if you have that "yeye jacki chan rumour" Post on your blog, please kindly pull it down.
Have a beautiful sunday!

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